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Almaty, Medeu District,
Begalina Str. 148/1А

Leaders study her!

Prime School brings up a conscious generation of children - the leaders of our future.

Prime's mission
Is to teach and educate a generation of children ready for the challenges of the future.

Values of prime


Outstanding academic success of students

Intellectual development and better academic performance are above all


Nurturing the leaders of the future

A generation of conscious and all-round people ready to achieve the goals set.


Development of creative potential

Careful creation of the student's talents and teaching to think out of the box in any situation.



Поступление в Prime School на учебный год 2021-2022

Начальная школа

Поступление: с 2021 года

6 - 11 лет
Средняя школа

Поступление: с 2023 года

11 - 16 лет
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Старшая школа

Поступление: с 2023 года

16 - 18 лет
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The secondary and upper secondary schools in Prime involve the gender-segregated education. What does it mean?


Focused educational process

Students ' attention and motivation are devoted to their studies. A high level of discipline, responsibility and order in the classroom.


Scientific approach to education

Adaptation of the learning process to the peculiarities of thinking and perception of information.


Comprehensive development regardless of gender

By gender-segregated education, there is no unspoken division into "female" or "male" subjects.


Favourable emotional atmosphere

Smooth adulating of teenagers and a less anxious transition to the adult life.


Proven world practice of the best

The most prestige schools in Great Britain and Europe are still gender-segregated.


Outstanding result

As evidenced in practice, graduates of schools with gender-segregated education are more likely to enter prestigious universities. 


Gender-segregated education in Prime is aimed exactly at the educational process for improvement of knowledge, in-depth and motivated study, and extraordinary results.