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Almaty, Medeu District,
Begalina Str. 148/1А

Admission to school

* Prime School accepts a limited number of students in grades 1-2 until May 30, 2021.

Admission to Prime school incudes several stages.


Tour of the school.

During the tour, we will conduct an introductory conversation, tell you about the educational process, introduce you to teachers, and answer all questions.


Application for admission.

Let us know about your intention to enroll in our school. You can download a sample application here. 


Interview with a psychologist.

The child talks to a specialist and performs simple tasks to determine the basic learning skills, educational profile, characteristics, and needs.


Conclusion of an agreement.

When drawing up the contract, the legal department of Prime will provide the necessary advice.


Tuition fee.

You can make a payment in any convenient way. You can learn more about the cost, payment methods, discounts and grants here

Поступление в Prime School на учебный год 2021-2022

Начальная школа

Поступление: с 2021 года

6 - 11 лет
Средняя школа

Поступление: с 2023 года

11 - 16 лет
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Старшая школа

Поступление: с 2023 года

16 - 18 лет
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