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Learning approach

In Prime School, everything starts with the specifics and needs of the students. Academic performance, extracurricular activity, development of flexible skills: the curriculum is tailored to the child's personality.


Profile of a Prime School student

This is a portrait of the personality of each Prime School student: his interests, skills, peculiarities, and abilities.

The principal talks to parents to learn about their expectations

The child is tested to determine the readiness to study under the Prime School programme

The teacher and the psychologist determine the child's aptitude to the study of subjects, his interests and talents

We give recommendations for further training and make an individual development map

Individual achievement plan

A teaching plan for a child that takes into account his aptitude to the subjects and level of skills and interests. On this map, you can see the educational path of the child, measure his progress and enjoy success with him.

after the interview, we understand the level of readiness for training, aptitude to the direction, humanitarian or scientific, and the level of flexible skills
1st half of year
We analyze the level of mastering the educational programme. Depending on the results and individual peculiarities of a student, we adjust the curriculum
End of the 3rd term
interim control under an individual map
End of the year
we conduct final testing and measure the level of progress

To measure and control the quality of training, the standards of international testing are applied.

Their effectiveness is recognized all over the world, and they allow the most accurate identification of the areas of further development of a student.

Teaching methods

We work on three aspects of education:


Academic success

The core curriculum combines the mandatory state standards and international teaching principles applied in prestige schools around the world.


Flexible skills

Public speaking, teamwork, critical thinking: these skills determine professional and personal success.


Socialization and upbringing

In addition to the subject knowledge, the teaching methodology of Prime School develops the social skills of the students and helps to successfully establish contacts with society.


Throughout the training, teachers and psychologists work with each student, monitor their progress and guide them on the path of individual development.