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Frequently asked questions

On this page, you will find all frequently asked questions and answers to them.

What is the tuition fee?

You can find the information about the tuition fee here

Do you provide any tuition discounts?

Tuition discounts are provided for the education of the second and third child from the same family.

Is there any admission fee?

Yes, you must pay an admission fee to enter the school. It guarantees a place in a class for the child and covers the costs of the student's textbooks, manuals, and stationery.

What extra circles and clubs are there in the school? What is their cost?

Prime School has 16 school circles and clubs for the all-round development of the students covering as many of their interests and talents as possible. The average cost varies from 15 000 to 35 000 tenge / month, depending on the subject and the number of hours.

School circles and clubs

What textbooks should I buy for the 1st grade?

You don’t need to buy the textbooks: Prime School provides all materials necessary for the study.

Is the Prime School uniform mandatory?

Yes, wearing branded school uniforms is mandatory for all students.

What are the requirements for the enrollment in Prime?

Detailed information about the enrollment in Prime School

When does the academic year start?

The academic year starts on September 1.

What are the business hours of the school?

During the academic year, Prime School works on weekdays from 8.00 to 19.00.