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Almaty, Medeu District,
Begalina Str. 148/1А

Primary school

6 - 11 Years

Study in the primary school of Prime School means the best academic performance, high-quality knowledge, and an all-round child.

Educational programme

The programme consists of 4 blocks:

State Compulsory Educational Standard (SCES)

with a unique approach to each student due to the individual maps of development.


International educational standards

preparation for admission to prestigious universities of the world from childhood


In-depth study of subjects by directions

scientific or humanitarian


Personality development additional subjects and flexible skills

Training profile

At Prime School, the students study in-depth subjects in two specialized directions: scientific and humanitarian. Each direction involves an in-depth immersion in the major subjects.

Humanitarian subjects:

Scientific subjects:
  • Robotics
  • Chess
  • Logic
  • Natural
  • Science
  • Programming